Eco - living by KalamiSuites

 At Kalami Suites we strive to adopt ecological life. The basic practices applied:


Development and care of a Mediterranean garden with fruit trees, plants and herbs

Our garden with all the aromas of the Serfiot land, thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender, marjoram, which alternate with the ornamental plants and together with the sour trees, olives and pomegranates embrace the traditional manganese well, the rare and oval-shaped well, and the preserved cistern. And of course, all this against the background of the wonderful and unique Chora of Serifos whose houses "climb" with persistence to reach the top, the church of Ag. Constantine.

Energy frames /
Thermal Insulation

Solar Panels
for hot water

Use of low energy appliances

Exclusive use
led light sources

Application of automation system for the smooth operation of air conditioners

Architectural simplicity combined with natural materials

Experience of refreshing sleep in Candia mattresses with "olive oil treatment" taking the beneficial properties from the Mediterranean land

APIVITA care products with certified organic plant extracts from Greek nature, bee products and organic essential oils in ecological packaging

Χρήση καθαριστικών
µε οικολογικό
σήµα Ecolabel